3. Conclusion

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As this article has outlined, the open 852 standard protocol provides many beneficial features for tunneling CN protocols over IP. Because tunneling 709.1 over IP-852 is supported by multiple choices for commercially available routers, the LON systems integrator has the capability to leverage building IT infrastructure much more conveniently and potentially more cost effectively than other BAS CN protocols.

Moreover, a next generation 852 protocol has been developed called 852.1. Although as of yet no devices support 852.1, it provides a roadmap to enable more enhanced features. The primary enhancements in 852.1 include:

  • Better support for dynamic IP addressing,
  • Standard NAT router  support
  • Better scalability and tunable performance for large networks
  • More optimal selective forwarding
  • Better use of multicast including support for hybrid multicast/ unicast channels
  • SHA2 Authentication with support for more advanced authentication as needed
  • More flexible  configuration services
  • Improved transaction system
  • Completely modular design that simplifies the process of supporting new CN protocols or new features.
  • Eventual support for IPV6
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