2.4 CN over IP Bridging

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Another difficult integration problem is for legacy LON network management devices that do not support LON routers. This prevents connecting remote LON channels using CN/IP routers since there is no way to configure the router. Another application is where the remote CN channels want to share the same subnet, have low traffic and it is advantageous to have the quickest and easiest setup possible. There are two solutions to the former problem. One solution is to use a manual mode CN/IP router that supports manual configuration of the router as a repeater. The other solution which solves both the former and the latter problems is to use to bridge the CN networks over IP. That is use 852 as a CN Bridge over IP. This provides a totally transparent way to  connect remote CN channels over IP. Since a bridge operates at the physical layer there is nothing to configure on the CN sides. The IP side can be simply configured using the 852 manual mode. Used this way all the CN traffic is automatically forwarded or “flooded” to all the other 852 devices. This has the drawback that it is not scalable to large installations with lots of 852 devices but for applications where only a handful of CN channels need to bridged, bandwidth is not a problem. The Adept GR4 router also provides a “Flood” mode or CN over IP bridge mode.

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