GR4 Firmware 4.10.038 Release

The latest version of the GRouter4 firmware, version 4.10.038, is ready for download in both Ethernet and WiFi versions.


  • Supports LoyTec Config Server and GesyTec 852 IP devices.
  • Better interoperability with i.LON Config Server and LNS.
  • Improved performance and stability.


Earlier versions should be upgraded to 4.10.038 if the device is to be reconfigured or used on a different network. Version 4.08 and 4.09 do not need to be upgraded on existing installed and operational networks.


  • Adopted new firmware version numbering convention. The new convention is where MM is the
  • major release number, mm is the minor release number and bbb is the build number. This allows better tracking of code builds in the development process
  • Now works with LoyTec configuration server (LCS). Fixed interoperability problem where LCS was refusing to add GR4 to channel if GR4 was not yet configured because of differing interpretation of 852 specification.
  • Now works with GesyTec IP 852 devices. Added workaround to problem with GesyTec providing malformed channel routing packet
  • Fix bug induced by LNS Object Browser. LNS Object browser sends illegal op code for Network Management message for far side router. The bug only occurs if a router is commissioned, decommissioned, and then recommissioned. This bug triggered a bug in the GR4 code where the GR4 would nack with the wrong nack type to the illegal op code. 4.10 now sends the correct NACK. HMIs built on LNS probably see this bug. LonMaker does not have the bug.
  • Added workaround to ILCS bug where ILCS sends updated DateTime for send list packet in Channel Membership packet but does not respond or nack the ensuing request from the GR4 for a new send list. This was imparing the correct updating of the channel routing information. GR4 now ignores the SendList datetime in the channel membership packet.
  • Improved selective forwarding algorithm to be more optimal in terms of forwarding traffic. This should reduce IP side traffic load when routers are configured
  • Improved handling of vendor specific packets
  • Now correctly marks Adept vendor specific packets
  • Upgraded MAC layer chip firmware to 1.06 with better handling of Brownouts

Outstanding Issues:

  • i.Lon Config Server (ILCS) and i.LON 600 configuration problem. When using the ILCS both GRouter4’s and i.LON 600’s are on the same channel, add the i.LON 600’s to the channel before the GRouter4’s. When there are more than two or three devices before the i.LON 600’s in the channel list, the ILCS will time out waiting for the i.LON 600 channel routing packets before completing channel configuration and restart the channel configuration. This never allows the channel to complete configuration. This is a bug in transaction handing of the ILCS as an 852 compliant configuration server should never time out of a transaction. When the GRouter4’s occur before the i.LON 600 in the channel list the i.LON 600 has to process the channel routing packets from the GRouter4’s first which delays its response to the ILCS.
  • Incompatibility with FireFox 3.0x and later and Internet Explorer 8.x. When using the web interface with these versions of the browsers, submit changes can cause the unit to reboot, thereby losing the changes. This will be fixed in a future release. Firefox 2.x or earlier, Internet Explorer 7.x or earlier, and all versions of Safari do not have this problem
  • Change the IP address separately from other configurations changes. Do not change configuration information on other pages on the same flash write reboot cycle.
  • Manual mode, manual configuration of the routing tables or other info on the 709.1 web page does not always result in automatic propagation of the changes to the other routers. Work around is to reboot after changes or send membership list. This is not a problem if a network management tool configures the router while in manual mode as in this case the changes are propagated automatically.
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