GR4 Firmware 4.11.011 Release

The latest version of the GRouter4 firmware, version 4.11.011, is ready for download in both Ethernet and WiFi versions.


  • Now works with Firef0x 3.x and Internet Explorer 8.
  • Verified works with Opera 10.x, and Chrome 3.x. in addition to Safari 4.x.
  • Improved stability when making lots of configuration changes.
  • Fixes problem switching back from 852 to 852 bridge mode.


Earlier versions should be upgraded to 4.11.011 if the device is to be reconfigured  or used on a different network with LNS Turbo 3.2 or later. Version 4.08 and later do not need to be upgraded on existing installed and operational networks. If using LNS 3.1 or earlier down grade to firmware 4.09n.


  • Some web browsers were holding the web connection open for long periods of time. This could cause the web server watchdog to timeout. Extended the web server watchdog timeout to 30 minutes.
  • Watchdog flags not being set correctly when switching back from 852 to 852 bridge mode thereby causing spurious watchdog timeout.

Outstanding Issues

  1. i.Lon Config Server (ILCS) and i.LON 600 configuration problem. When using the ILCS both GRouter4’s and i.LON 600’s are on the same channel, add the i.LON 600’s to the channel before the GRouter4’s. When there are more than two or three devices before the i.LON 600’s in the channel list, the ILCS will time out waiting for the i.LON 600 channel routing packets before completing channel configuration and restart the channel configuration. This never allows the channel to complete configuration. This is a bug in transaction handing of the ILCS, as an 852 compliant configuration server should never time out of a transaction. When the GRouter4’s occur before the i.LON 600 in the channel list, the i.LON 600 has to process the channel routing requests from the GRouter4’s first which delays its response to the ILCS.
  2. Manual configuration of the routing tables or other info on the 709.1 web page when in Manual Mode does not always result in automatic propagation of the changes to the other routers. Work around is to click the “Send Membership List” button or to reboot after changes. This is not a problem if a network management tool configures the router while in manual mode as in this case the changes are propagated automatically.
  3. Problems with  LNS 3.1 or earlier. Use firmware 4.09n.

The GR4 is the price/performance leader of LonTalk routers.

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