GR4 Firmware 4.12.050 & Bootloader 4.12.048.c Release

The latest version of the GRouter4 firmware, version 4.12.050, is now released. Download the Ethernet router firmware or the Wifi router firmware. In addition, the Ethernet and WiFi bootloaders, version 4.12.048.c, are also available from our downloads page.


  • Major improvements to the bootup process including faster bootup time and  significantly improved stability and reliability when dealing with corruption of the configuration information stored in flash due to inadvertent power cycles.
  • The stability of the reset IP parameters to factory defaults by holding down the service pin upon bootup has been improved and the time to write default parameters is faster.
  • Changes to the 709.1 page in manual mode now propagate automatically to other routers in the channel.
  • The new application firmware now allows ftp upgrade of the bootloader.
  • The main status page now shows the Bootloader and BSP versions as well as the applicaton firmware version.


This upgrade is recommended for all units except those being used with LNS 3.1 or earlier. The recommended upgrade includes both firmware 4.12.050 and bootloader 4.12.048.C. Support for LNS 3.1 will be fixed in a later release.


  • The configuration parameters are stored redundantly in flash. Upon bootup a CRC check is made of flash to see if the primary copy has been corrupted. If so the backup copy is used if it is not corrupted. If both are corrupted, default parameters are used. In some rare corner conditions this process would fail and the unit would fail to boot and would require reflashing. These conditions have all been resolved. One of the contributing factors was a problem with the bootloader. This has been fixed in the new bootloader included in this release.
  • When changing the IP address and then immediately hitting the reboot button, especially if other configuration changes had been made, sometimes the reboot would happen before the IP address was written to flash. This has been fixed.
  • Manual configuration of the routing tables or other info on the 709.1 web page when in Manual Mode did not always result in automatic propagation of the changes to the other routers. This is now fixed.
  • The GRouter4 has a recovery procedure in the bootloader that allows reflashing using tftp. However in some cases if the IP parameters were corrupted the tftp procedure would fail. This has been fixed in the new bootloader 4.12.048.C.

Outstanding Issues

  1. i.Lon Config Server (ILCS) bug. When using the ILCS where both GRouter4’s and i.LON 600’s are on the same channel, and there are more than two or three GR4 devices before the i.LON 600’s in the channel list, the ILCS will time out waiting for the i.LON 600 channel routing packets before completing channel configuration and restart the channel configuration. This never allows the channel to complete configuration. This is a bug in transaction handing of the ILCS as an 852 compliant configuration server should never time out of a transaction. When the GRouter4’s occur before the i.LON 600 in the channel list the i.LON 600 has to process the channel routing requests from the GRouter4’s first which delays its response to the ILCS. The workaround is add the i.LON 600’s to the channel before the GRouter4’s.
  2. Problems with  LNS 3.1 or earlier. Use firmware 4.09n

The GR4 is the price/performance leader of LonTalk routers.

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