GR4 Firmware 4.12.058 Release

The latest version of the GRouter4 firmware, version 4.12.058, is now released. Download the Ethernet router firmware or the Wifi router firmware. In addition, the Ethernet and WiFi bootloaders, version 4.12.048.c, are also available from our downloads page.


  • Fixed a problem where the default IP parameters were not always forcing the IP stack to use the static IP interface. Under some circumstances, the IP stack could use the Auto IP interface.


This upgrade is recommended for all units except those being used with LNS 3.1 or earlier. The recommended upgrade includes application firmware 4.12.058 for both WiFi and Ethernet and bootloader 4.12.053.D for WiFi and bootloader 4.12.048.C for Ethernet.  Support for LNS 3.1 will be fixed in a later release.

    Outstanding Issues

    1. See notes for prior application firmware release

    The GR4 is the price/performance leader of LonTalk routers.

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