GRouter4 Version 4.08

The latest firmware upgrade is available for both Ethernet and WiFi versions of the GRouter4.  Changes include:

  • Fixed problem where watchdog timeout could interrupt flash write when changing the IP address or time zone information. This would sometimes corrupt the firmware causing the unit to not boot and requiring a factory reflash of the firmware.
  • Added prepare to power down button to router setup page that checks if any flash writes are pending. It displays a page with a countdown timer to inform the user when the flash write is completed or if no flash writes pending displays a page that informs the user that its ok to power down.
  • Updated the reboot buttons so that they check for pending flash writes and if pending display countdown timer to inform user when the flash write will complete and reboot begin.
  • Update web pages so all parameters the require reboot for activation are marked with asterisk and added reboot buttons to all pages that have parameters that require reboot.
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