GRouter4 Version 4.09

The latest version of the GRouter4 firmware, version 4.09, is ready for download for both Ethernet and WiFi versions. Changes include:

  • The “i.Lon CS compatibility mode” has been renamed to “backwards compatibility” mode to match how the latest version of the i.Lon CS names it.
  • Cleaned up the boot code so it boots a few seconds faster.
  • Fixed a problem with the 709.1 phy chip that would cause it to not boot in rare cases due to component variability in the power supply and GRouter. This would prevent the main computer from reading the EEPROM on the PHY which stores the activation keys. The web page would display a warning that the unit was not activated. The problem had to do with improper brown out detection settings.
  • Reset to factory defaults procedure has changed. It is now much easier and more reliable. Detailed instructions are in the 4.09 User Guide.
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