Niagara AX (TM) Lon/IP 852 Setup with GRouter4 Lon/IP 852 Router

Informal notes on setting up Lon/IP driver on Niagara AX 3.3.22.
You will need an 852 configuration server such as Echelon’s LTIPCS Configuration Server software, included with LonMakerTM or as as a utility for the ilon  from Echelon’s
website i.LON 600 Firmware 1.00.24

Step 1

If using a JACE, then configure IP settings
  • change host name to newname, must be other than localhost
  • edit host file with new line newname <JACE IP address>
  • save and reboot JACE.
Note this is not required for Windows hosts, and will not be required in the future
Failure to set for JACE will mean Config server cannot get messages returned to JACE

Step 2

Install GRouter4 Lon/IP 852 Router onto network and set its IP address as per GRouter4 User Manual

Step 3

Station Drivers
  • add Lon/IP driver to station
  • in Lon/IP driver properties enter the configuration server’s IP address

Step 4

  • Run Configuration server software on PC
  • add device with IP address of GRouter4
  • add device IP of Niagara Station
  • check both devices go green after some seconds
Tip: If JACE device fails (red) and is not responding, check that hosts file was set up in Step 1

Step 5

Lon/IP driver properties
  • check configuration server members populated
  • check members have IP subnet/node and Neuron IDs

Step 6

Lon/IP driver Lon/IP 852 Router manager
  • discover router (may not be discovered if router not set up with address already)
If router can be set directly using own browser, set:
  • domain length zero channel 1 (if required)
  • subnet 1
  • node of your choice (not 127)
  • node state configured
  • router type Configured (preferred, but can try with repeater)
Tip: if using many routers, then Configured type is recommended . Repeater type will put all traffic on all channels
Tip: with GRouter4 try repeater type as at present there is an issue using Configured type
then retry discovery
If router can not be set, then add router device manually
When adding router check
Neuron Id (IP routers may have 3 Neuron Ids, use the one for Node ID-IP, not for APP or for 709.1)
type as configured
mode normal
near side channel 1
near side address subnet 1 node of your choice
far side channel 2
far side address subnet 2 node of your choice
Tip: channel numbers and subnet numbers need to be different both sides of the router, a channel can have multiple subnets
Tip: for simplicity choose subnet number = channel
Tip: Discovered/QuikLearned devices may not correctly pickup channel address, use Edit to check far channel 2 is set
Commission router device

Step 7

Lon/IP 852 driver device manager
  • discover devices
  • check you can see device
  • Add devices to databases
  • check that devices use channel 2 subnet 2 (or numbers assigned to FT10 side of router)
  • if manually added (not with QuikLearn) then remember to upload device config if required
Tip: Discovered/QuikLearned devices may not correctly pickup channel address, use Edit
to check far channel 2 is set
  • Commission devices
  • Add proxy points as required
  • Lon/lP driver link manager
  • bind links
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